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Uncommerce (alias FP)!
"Caution addiction danger !!"

We write the year 2009 and a musician finds next to work, family, friends and acquaintances finally the way back to the music. Many years ago he has written a regional history of music even as guitarist and bass player, has made basement rooms unsafe, whole house staircases let get dark with 2000 watts of headlights and bands like Atlantis and Cliff have brought into being.

He has already first song orgies held, composed love songs, created Sounds with the first 4 handles (at this, G, D, C), "concerts" lasting several hours at the balcony of the 6 ten floor (to the ill-humour of the flatmates), at the soft age of 12 years in the quiet little chamber in the skyscraper stuck and whole residential areas connected. In its dreams it already has dozens of autographing sessions, fan appointments as well as events stand on its appointment book. This and it dreams of self-realization, of its dream job as a musician and of appreciation of its music certainly today and does not let any day out, on to work further. Hours over hours Voices inserts it makes projects, Sounds to each other matches, a little more raises the bass and lets this one therefore with a reverse's crash one blades. At all his compositions he has sworn himself to use the same Sound never twice. What has to be felt more than 70 composed ready Tracks into his till now, too?

What it thinks always says loudly and "h****" Uncommerce always remains faithful to himself personally, it has left honest, sincerely its boss,...although it loves its profession to itself! Uncommerce has dreams, wishes and aims which its boss will for certain for it never fulfil although he also gives a kind of gratitude to it to here.

Uncommerce has well-known to 7, long-standing and firm fans till now! Is included, Thomas Jahn of also determines his daughter, his wife, his sister, his parents, a good acquaintance and whole.

We write the year 2011 today and Uncommerce has found itself new for now more almost 3 years, its impulse after its musical creativity, variety and perfection is still unbroken exactly like many year before. Its unusual spectrum draws itself about many silence and musical trends away. Uncommerce cannot be committed oneself and do not spare at all, into a drawer press. However, Uncommerce closes club music, House, Chillout, one too often finds it again all in the area of trance. It can not be conducted by flows, it does not get in lane and this has known everybody also with its project name.

Sometimes Uncommerce is quietly, quietly sexily behave but also strongly powerfully loudly shrill provoking and insistently. Uncommerce stands as the name already suggests for noncommercial music. Sometimes to the eighties ankoppelt but itself this one still devotes itself music again and again to the modern age. Sounds tint melodies these fit in the 21st century and auditory passage find the way to the musical happiness in the second at the latest.

It is the aim of Uncommerce to make the work as a producer/composer or Kreator his main profession. Making oneself musically, structurally and financially independent. Uncommerce still wants much musically and humanly to hear studying, seeing and set to sound in the form of music.

Uncommerce is yes, that!
Caution addiction danger!


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