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Early on love and devotion to music were recognized, and early musical education began at the age of six with classical music. As a teenager, his tenure awakens to electronic music. The first influences were strongly influenced by the Hamburg trance. At 16, the first equipment was at home and mixing was practiced. For a long time he was DJing only as a hobby, until in 2004 he was able to prove his skills in the Future Club for the first time in front of a wider audience. From then on, he was a welcome guest in clubs and events in northern Germany, but also in the entire federal territory. In 2009, for private reasons, it began to quiet down, but the music was still loyal. This time was extensively and intensively used for a musical reorientation. The result was the first to hear the listeners of the FreakShow Broadcast System in June 2016. After this comeback followed more gigs and others. in AirpotClub (G├╝tersloh), A.R.M (Kassel), Little Uncle (Kassel). Inspired by many sides, he also resumed production at the end of 2018. Creative elements and attention to detail create unique tracks.




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