Artist Info

At the end of 1999 the project Sensistar was founded by
Dj Sonnenbad and Roots Kid White.
The group was extended by the vocalists
B Bon, Psalm23-Vers1 and Joe Lion.
An african- german soundsystem was created, which improves in many genres of electronic music.
Producers of different stuff like Dub, Trance, Worldfusion, Drum n Bass, House and Chillout.
Dj Sonnenbad and Roots Kid White are responsible for Programming, Editing and Mastering.
Percussion: Joe the Lion, Psalm23-Vers1
Bass Guitar: B Bon
in the seventies he played bass guitar and was singing for Boombaya, pre-group of Osibisa and the Blackbirds.
In the eighties he performed together with late masterdrummer Aja Ade and Mustafa Tetteh Ade in the "Drummers Group".
In 1995 he was joining the Reggaegroup B2!




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