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At the age of 23, I discovered my love for electronic music. It was 1996 when I was stationed as a soldier in Laupheim. Here my musical career started. Through my training I was finally able to afford my own computer and synthesizer. Since I have always been a computer fan and have written already first BASIC programs, it was not difficult for me to acquire the necessary know-how. Trance parties with my friends strengthened in me the desire to produce electronic music. Fortunately I got to know Marcus S. who influenced me musically. It didn’t take long and we began to craft our own tracks, mainly progressive techno. Later I got to know Theo who had already mixed live (with emagic LOGIC and two AKAI S20 sampler). I learned a lot about LOGIC and added my JOMOX X-Base09 to this live equipment. A good friend of Theo took over the "Mahatma" in Neu-Ulm in 1999 and started to organize techno parties on the weekends. We set up a studio together and I gained first live play experiences. When the computers were fast enough, LOGIC could process audio data and software synthesizers came on the market, I bought my own emagic LOGIC license. I also bought the YAMAHA O2R from Theo and I appreciate working with it until today. Our personal highlight was the Millenium 2000 when we have rocked the "Mahatma"! The "Devicerider" live, it was the best New Year ́s Eve ever. When I retired from the army in late 2000 I started a training program for audio engineering at the private college "SAE" in Munich. Here I could gain additional knowledge and the quality of my tracks improved significantly. Later when my Burgenland in Saxony-Anhalt called me home I quit my studies and returned. Since then I have been developing my very own style of electronic music, putting passion and inspiration into my tracks. Haste makes waste.



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