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Velasquez is the project of the Edm producer Dj Ralf Velasquez.
ralf Velasquez began his musical carrer at the age of seventeen as a guitarist of the band “the Rayman”, which published some records in the 80’s and caused a stir with some spectacular performances. He studied music at the university of Dortmund (Germany) and earned his diploma in composition, production, classical and popular music in Cologne in 1998. Later on, he spend his time on own projects to further develop his artistical skills and to gain his reputation as a producer and songwriter in Edm popular music. Therefore he has no prejudices against different genre. His music ranges between acoustic and electronic styles with self-developed work techniques which characterize the specific sound of Velasquez.

history: From 1987 to 1992 Ralf played guitar at “the Rayman” , with over 700 concerts and three albums (label Spv). 1992 to 1995 , he played guitar with “sons in law” (Label Wea).collaboration with music producer Michael Kersting click music.participated as composer of many musical experience,more than 6000 concerts.




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