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Qubenzis Psy Audio is an electronic music project started by Ricky (aka QPA), who originally is from Sweden. He is a producer of his own original sound inspired by all types of music genres.

After profound experiences with the psychedelic trance scene in Copenhagen where he lived during the late nineties, especially a particular Eat Static live concert, he became hooked on the style. After moving to Spain he eventually started to dj the genre around 2006.

By 2007 he finally started recording psychedelic trance music under the name Qubenzis Psy Audio. 2010 he released his first Psytrance album. By 2014, QPA released 5 albums within the psytrance genre as well as various tracks and albums with downbeat, chill break beat and experimental electronic music.

Discography - QPA & anunusualleopard

Alien Face Lift (Album, psy, 2012)
Meta Dawn (Album, psy, 2010)
Psychedelic Freedom (Album, psy, 2013)
Subsequent Resonance (Album, psy, 2011)
Alien Inspiration (EP, psy, 2012)
Human Harvest (Single, psy, 2012)
Cosmic Embryo Electronica (Album, electronica, 2007)
Xen Breaks (Album, Break Beat experimental, 2007)
an enclosed envelope (EP, with anunusualleopard, 2012)
good-morning-evening (Album, with anunusualleopard, 2013)



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