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Born in 1981, Patrick de Ville started his little career with a really big love to music. Learning and Playing Keyboard bring him the first touch to starting making music with his own hands. His Father was a DJ in a Bar at his Hometown. So he gets in touch with the magic of spinning Records in an Discotheque. After this he likes to know how a Dual Recordplayer works and opened the Player from his Father.


His first Release, "I am EP" had been released on the Mannheim label Audioschall Records.


After a couple releases, Patrick releases some Tracks in Italy and Ukraine. So he get in Touch with Ukrainian Managers which made him in the Balkan States. So he played at Evolution Ukraine and Zadar in Croatia.


After two years of travelling/playing, a lot of Tracks get their place on Beatport including Techno, Techhouse and Chillout Songs. Patrick de Ville like to play a Game with the Crowd and so he produce the Tracks. Patrick de Ville is an lovely Artist for Remix Projects cause every Track is an Surprise for the Original Track Producer.


In the Year 2015 he created and started his own Label "ACHTUNDSECHZIG RECORDS" In the first Year there are Releases from Santé, Martin Heyder, Pedro da Costa, Tjard, Kevin Lead, Simon Slice, Tobias Lutzenkirchen, Florian Meindl, Philipp Poisel and others. Lovely he releases his own Tracks on his Label.

With his own Label he like to push in Future Artist which sounds like his Homebase, the City of Mannheim. By the way you can see his "City-Love" at his first Musicvideo "My City" on YouTube or the TV Station He set the Philosophy of his Label in the Logo, which tells you: WE SOUNDS LIKE MANNHEIM IS.

So, the future will be like MANNHEIM IS!




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