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London-born EDM artist/producer and songwriter Nic Fuller released his first
solo hit ‘Velocity’ in 2012, followed by his debut album ‘Victory Dance’ in
2015. Now, almost a decade later, Nic’s back on the electronic music scene
with his explosive new single, ‘Zodiac’ (2020).
Nic’s foray into music began with playing keys in local bands before working
as a mix engineer and programmer in top recording studios across London.
His early musical influences included bands like Depeche Mode, Duran
Duran and Tears for Fears, which led to his experimentation with synthesisers
in the late ‘80s, forming the basis of his artistry as an electronic producer.
Focused on melodies and harmonies, Nic’s sound is rhythmic and magnetic.
Having performed on BBC Introducing Leeds and worked on remixes for
Expedition Records and Ultrasonic Music Germany, the artist/producer just
signed with UPUK Records and is gearing up to drop new material in 2021.


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