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My musicality, I have only fairly late. I was neither early nor musically, I am in relation to music most peculiar conspicuously subdued. When I but with approximately 12 years with an old friend had discovered the organ, I started this immediately to life and given a few tones to elicit.
On the first try, I was ignorant of the situation in a few melodious tones to produce. Driven by the force continues to do such a thing, I forced my parents to permit me to lessons. What they do not allow me, my grandparents but still possible. This was followed by countless practice sessions with a friend electronics salesman, who at once love schleichendem sales organ lessons offered, as in his business also sold electronic instruments.
At the age of 14 years, I have a Maxi Single by Howard Jones Hide and Seek to get the finger, and was so fascinated that I wanted to know exactly how this music gets established. So I get to work exactly this to create sound themselves. Unfortunately I did not have the resources for me to ebend a current Synthesizer to buy, what then for the price of a small car was available.
My time budget: A Hohner PK-200 Keyboard gold organ sound and an old 4-track tape. My former results: Actually not bad. What moved me to continue to try. In order to finance this hobby, I played in various Kasseler bands what my musical vision also benefited even other music stems to learn. A milestone was the first contact with an Atari 520ST computer with which my first virtual Midi Studio could set up. It finally took another 4 years until I got my first job was for a film. The uncle of a friend turned a movie on a home-built Viking ship, with which he sailed to Greenland in Flensburg. With few resources had this adventure film, technically and musically implemented. What undoubtedly also succeeded. With the music of Music Paradise, the film was in the early years of RTL TV.
Driven by the passion in the future only to compose film music, was the first small home studio in which I mostly Royalty advertising and film production. The related title is still on my Music Paradise CD Collection Vol-1. It was followed by demo recordings for various Kasseler rock and pop bands, which is certainly my musical horizons expanded. My studio was in regular intervals, as is financially possible, expanded. So since 1986 I have many studio standards come and go, but she also possessed. I have read the history of the art recording studio since 1986 and watched intensely lived, but it has never been so complex, interesting but also effectively as with today's virtual studio technology.
I remain with musical regards, Andreas Wolff by Music Paradise.


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