Artist Info

Electronic Dance Music in its purest form.

Modis Chrisha is composing easy to listen to conceptional and electronic dance music.

Born in a family with a long history in composing music, Modis Chrisha, aka Christian Roith, is following his ancestors in his own creative way.

Decades of experience, as a DJ and producer, working with the latest technology, Modis Chrisha, is a very passionate and enthusiastic artist.

His 2011 released orchestral, electronic crossover album “PASSION Vol. Storm”, got him many fans worldwide and earned Modis Chrisha a lot of respect from other producers.

Motivated by this success Modis Chrisha started to produce more music and founded his own Record Label, Modis Records in 2014.

He constantly releases new music and tracks. In 2019 he released seventeen tracks. Most of his tracks are added to other international dance music compilations.

For 2020 Modis Chrisha has huge plans.




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