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Malena Nimenrecord (Germany) was born in with the idea of ​​complementing musical productions Jose Nimenrecord.
My love for singing was always, I am neither singer or music producer, I'm just a person who likes to sing because it relaxes me, fills me and one of my favorite hobbies.
One of my roles in the musical production of Jose Nimenrecord is to write the texts, always sharing opinions with Jose and developing an idea together.
The important thing for us is to develop a letter to convey a thought or an inspirational message carrying latent situations, which can also be interpreted according to each listener. in 2013 became part of Slate Label Records where he began to grow as an artist creating Produciones as composed Minenrecords Malena Malena (Germany) & Jose Freiburg / / / Palma de Mallorca together form a perfect combination full of creativity


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