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LYRIEL is a female fronted metal band from Germany, formed in 2003. LYRIEL's music blends Celtic Rock, Symphonic Metal, Folk and alternative influences, resulting in a unique and distinctive sound. From dreamy ballads with medieval influences to more intense and classical compositions with folk elements. Singer Jessica Thierjung´s powerful but gentle voice and the strings (violin and cello) produce LYRIEL's special atmosphere. They released their debut album "Prisonworld" in early 2005. One notable track is "Lind e-huil", a song sung in Sindarin, the language of the elves in "The Lord of the Rings." In 2006 LYRIEL released their 2nd album "Autumntales", which was praised for its atmospheric compositions and often compared to BLACKMORE'S NIGHT. Their 3rd album "Paranoid Circus", released in 2009, featured a guest appearance by voiceover artist Simon Jäger (Josh Hartnett/Heath Ledger). In 2012, LYRIEL released their 4th album "Leverage", which showcased powerful compositions and included a special guest appearance by SCHANDMAUL singer Thomas Lindner. The title track becoming one of their most successful tracks. Their 5th album "Skin And Bones" released in 2014, showcased new influences while maintaining their signature sound, and featured a duet with Christian Älvestam. The release led to successful tours in Mexico and Europe. In 2015, LYRIEL released the EP "TEN". It included newly recorded songs from their earlier albums and a new track titled "The Sailor". After nearly 10 years of musical hiatus, Lyriel will be releasing a new single on April 26, 2024, with additional releases planned for the near future.




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