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LionTrace is a band project that is inspired partially by progressive rock bands of the seventies, the eighties and the nineties. The loose lineup consists of musicians that have been working together in a couple of local pop and rock bands on a semi-professional level. Although, music was and is their main focus in life, it has been an insufficient source to guarantee satisfactory money support for their living. As a consequence, they all decided on joining common job assignments, and having music as a sideline project. The experienced live performer developed into a company committed to studio music. With all their heart, they are producing electrifying, living music, that touches the soul of the listener. The progressive tunes, that are created in the Liontrace Studios, are deeply rooted to melodical rock and artrock of the last century. The songs created by LionTrace can be very emotional pieces of music as well as powerful, propulsive rock anthems. Listen and enjoy.




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