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Laroche Valmont is a French one hit wonder famous for "T'as le look coco". Composed by Richard Sanderson ("Reality" soundtrack for "La Boum") and Marc Attali, with the Gibson Brothers arrangements ("Cuba", "Qué sera mi vida"), this hit stayed 13 weeks in the Top 50 and was No.1 in the clubs in 1984, and is still, in 2015, in the french Top 10 most played songs in disco. "T'as le look coco " is more than 200 CD compilations (releases per month) on the 80 or dance music.

Laroche Valmont is part of "Stars 80", the musical tour number one in France, Belgium and Switzerland (3 million viewers). There is a recording of the Paris “Palais des Sports” event (music theater) and during this tour "T'as le look coco" live Remix by Michel Valence was used.
This is the first time that this song is published live.



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