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In the early 90s I discovered the electronic music for me,
with just 7 years ago, I fell in love with Jones & Stephenson The First Rebirth which was played in a mixtape of my older sister

Great influences in my musical preferences are and were Westbam, Lexy & K-Paul, Prodigy and Daft Punk to the end of the 90
In 2001 I tried my first time even on the produce of tracks, then still with Playstation DAW, a few years later with PC software

2009 after 7 years of intermittent hip hop experience, my focus went back to my old love techno.
The decisive factor was the film Berlin Calling, which was so Inspirirend I started with DJing end of 2009.

Mainly I mix everything between house and techno and produce concept sets.
2010, then I began again with track produce with FL Studio, but now I switched to Ableton.

2011, I founded Ton-Resonanz, where everyone likes to want to work with me can join.
And soon changed my artist name in Kreativgang response to, another alias: Real-ist Ich and D.I.S.

2012 then the first live mixing in a club at Vision Circle in Göttingen and then a promotional contract with Collage Art Street.
DJ sets but I will continue to hang up my concentration is in the near future to produce and the live performance.

My motto, Free your mind and use the Color in your hands



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