Artist Info

Kailash Kokopelli - Sound Medicine Man, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer of Medicine Music since over 30 years. Kokopelli developed a unique healing sound transmission through his Native American prayer flute and didgeridoo as well as overtone and spirit chanting. The cross-cultural bridge-maker and humanitarian artist has been working with indigenous people around the planet since the early 90’s when he introduced the mother of all flutes as one of the first European didgeridoo players to Germany.

Since then Kokopelli has been one of the leading pioneers in exploring the healing effect of sound through countless individual and group sound medicine treatments as well as performing Sound Healing Journeys and ceremonial Medicine Music concerts worldwide. Kailash Kokopelli’s songs like the HEALING SONG, WALKING TREE and ABOVE & BELOW are sung around the globe by all ages. Besides his Sound Medicine education, treatment and research work Kailash also teaches KACHIMO Healing Chi Movements and sacred SONGDANCES. The sound alchemist is also a passionate cacao and healing food alchemist, herbalist, astrologer, poet and diviner who has the gift to dowse for your source of pure waters. His work as a medicine person includes ceremonial weddings, sweatlodge purification ceremonies, vision quests as well as cleansing and consecration of homes. Kailash Kokopelli is performing on invitation worldwide and has touched uncountable people with his healing Sound Medicine and Sacred World Music.





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