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Julian Parity
Based in Paris, Julian Parity is a French producer, DJ and remixer.
He's a professional piano player and uses this expertise in his musical creations.

Throughout the last years, he's developed a real passion for composing and mixing electronic music.
He, extensively, worked on perfecting his technique while working on computer generated music, recording and sound engineering for live performances.

He joined forces with BlackWallRecord label in 2013, and released his first digital EP "Polarity" (2014) which is now available for download on Beatport.
Through BlackWallRecord team, Julian collaborated with several esteemed artists such as Tom Hagen, Klengmann, Marco Leka and Nomass.
In 2015 he became member of Logistik Sound besides of Frank Carrera, Fran Mtz, Liz Copper, Vortkx, etc.
Due to a common passion for blending elements, he shares the decks with DJs for back2back shows such as Tom Hagen and Klengmann for "BlackSide" parties in Barrio Café Club (BE), with DJ Nadja for "Cosmos" nights by PlanetX in 4 Elements (FR), with Frank Carrera for "Gravity" nights by Logistik Sound in 4 Elements, O'Apostrophe Bar (BE) with BlackWallRecord, etc.

In 2016, new collaboration was born with Missing Time (aka Frank Carrera & Fran Mtz) with the productions of tracks together in Hydrogen Inc., and Awen Recordings. Meanwhile he keeps on production in solo of new Techno tunes.
His career is, consistently, rising as he is becoming more and more demanded by nightclubs, labels and other DJ's. Julian Parity plays the main genre of Techno music, offering all kind of blend sonorities from Deep, Dark, Progressive to Tech House tracks. He is constantly in search of new harmonic sounds and, in addition to that, he mixes those new harmonic sounds with more eclectic vibes.



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