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Oliver "Jamalien" Kuhnke.
Son of a German mother
and a Moroccan father,
grew up in Germany / Bonn,
had not yet found in his youth the straight path.
He came so relatively early in a youth home and changed this year
as well as the residences and towns.
In the end he went in jaile.

And as clich├ęd as it sounds, it brought him the to the right path.

He had the first time contact with HipHop music at the age of 15 years. Between 19 and 23 years, he went to many freestyle jams in NRW.
With only 25 years, he began seriously to do Music, published 6 own solo releases which are:

- Unreachable (2001)
- Team (2004)
- Endstation Hoffnung (2011)
- Endstation Hoffnung Reloaded (2012)
- Jet Set Fever (2013)
- Blockstrumentals (2013) Instrumental Album produced by Jamalien

On these mixtapes Jamalien is already working with many international artists such as national artists

Manuellsen (DE), Best.e (DE), Spas (DE), S.Ai.S (DE), LaDream (DE) and people such as King Malachi (NY)
of the Dungeon Family, Da Boy Bake (NY), Pasquelina (FL), Rcin (NY), Don Richi (US), Reks (UK), Noha Jones (NY)
Jenue Ras (FR) and much more.
Also to two official Oversea RMX of R.Kelly and Mims he has supplied controls Parts.

2015 Jamalien will take the next step with his new Album "Zukunfts Musik / ZKM ".

You see, Jamalien + top feature guests + top producers = FUTURE MUSIC

A simple calculation that works.
Heart blood, sweat, hate, tears and love for music stuck in this album.
A must for honest rap fans.




Oliver Kuhnke




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