Artist Info

Georgie Paschalidi is a music producer with a true spirit.
Her privilege is to make ethereal music capable to unlock all of your secrets and to speak straight to your soul.
Unique and uncompromised even from the age of 6, Georgie were never give up and continue to improve her self by experiment and combining different sounds into a magic blend that can guarantee a melodic trip into the world of senses.
Her deep love for Classic and Gospel music has led her to follow music lessons as long as vocal.
A trip to Australia that follows has brought her close to very talented producers of electronic music,pushing her spirit for more and new experiments.

Now days Georgie have managed to create a fine blend of 2 different worlds into one core,combining classic sounds with modern beats that can flow inside you.

After so many years of hard work and always being authentic. Georgie Paschalidi's music will take you into a new aura. An aura of never-ending passion into the world of senses.





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