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I'm gcobani Bakamela from Sterkspruit in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa but current location is Barkly west just outside Kimberley! I can simply describe myself as a nerd and music junky because of my love for science, technology and music. since early in the 90's i been interested in electronics devices and mechanical objects as grew up i thought i might be electrical engineer but when i reach my matriculation year i was more interested in IT industry than engineering. in 2006 I've started customizing already being built websites and blogs, 2008 i built my first built from scratch html which was bieng publish to the web just after i obtained my level 5 intro to internet and design certificate at UNISA and 2010 i upgraded the website incorporating new tools and programming language i have learn t through out this years like ASP, PHP, Java Scrip, Flash, Silver light and etc! As for music goes is been my hobby to listen to new vibrations where ever i go there is music in my phone and recently I've started to produce my own tracks and I'm working hard to get in Djing and music production and i be leave if i work even harder than this I'll achieve every goal i ever thought off for hustle is what i do.


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