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Fiume Nero was born in june 2008 from a project of Enna Cancry. At the beginning they were five members: Enna Cancry (leader and guitarist), Aanesta (voice), Black Feather (bassist), Rut Morgue (keyboarder) Spooky (drummer). They had played for two years in pubs and locals and then Rut Morgue and Spooky left the band. They took the drum-machine in order to replace Spooky and they remained three members. They restarted to make lives and also to record an album, but Aanesta suddenly left the group. At the end also Aanesta and Black Feather left the band and Enna recruited Simon Desecrator (her boyfriend) from Satan Inside at the vocals. They worked on the songs and on the lyrics to adapt the texts and now Fiume Nero has two members: Simon Desecrator (voice) and Enna Cancry (guitar)
In july 2014 the band released the demo: Fragore urla d’orrore, at the same time they released a compilation with other Italian three bands, Gorganera, Neropulsar and Udha e Zeze: Fronte Nero. In January 2015 the band partecipated at compilation Grand Sound Promotion vol.5 for Antichrist Metalzine.
In october 2014, the band recruits a new member at the bass: El Druido. In 2015 the bass player left the band. The band in November 2017 released the first official album Mors Liberat (In 2019 Metal Hammer Portugal reviewed it in it’s magazine, and it became available in the major digital distribution platforms such as: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music (FR, DE, IT, ES, JP etc.) Play Music, Deezer, etc etc.) In 2017, Fiume Nero has tried some musicians, recruiting the several drummers, in 2019 the band signs the contract with the Leynir Booking tour agency. During the year the band made the second album Lovecraft Cap 1, released in april 2020 by the label Vacula Productions, promoted with a mini tour in Eastern Europe under this agency.
The COVID19 pandemic blocks the physical distribution of the album, available only in the digital version, with the hope that the virus will stop to resume physical distribution, meanwhile In 2020 the drummer left the band, and Nefastus joined Fiume Nero as second guitar player. The band now is working on the second chapter of Lovecraft.



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