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The four musicians from „Eurago Arktur“ are not at all unknown faces in the regional metal scene. Peter Danilov (vocals), Kai Schmidt (guitar), Rico Bartels (bass) and René Kaminsky (drums) can look back on many years of band and stage experience.

In 2018, the four met for the first time to bring their diverse musical roots together under a new banner. The result would be a fresh style of its own within the divergent genre of metal.

Progressive metal coupled with classical elements meets jazzy chords, orchestral sounds and djent. Intricate guitar riffs blur with catchy melodies and atmospheric soundscapes. „Eurago Arktur“ create an impressive overall picture from a musical mosaic.

With their debut album „The Maze Of Faith“ the four musicians are not going astray, no, they are lyrically and musically guiding the listener along the obscure path of a man tormented by fate. In seven heavy songs, the listener accompanies the protagonist on his search for redemption …




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