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The exceptional artist Dite Di stopped dreaming.
This shouldn’t be a criticism but an invitation to think.

Which are the right words to describe my work?
Honestly, this I don’t know.
In a similar way, the artist describes his work, and makes the readers listen to his song out of curiosity.
I am not good at this kind of things but I want to say one thing! I stopped dreaming... Precisely because from now on I will do what I wish! Musica has always made me dream, brought unforgettable moments in my life! But now is time to stop dreaming, only because I want to make my dream come true! I am 55 years old and I ask myself: I am a teenager or an adult?!

The song “catene” should under no circumstance be a critic but should make us think. He wrote this song for us to remember that we are all part of an indestructible chain, connected to feelings, family memories, cultures, fashion and the way we all have to face everyday.

The hope of breaking this connection feels free knowing that this will never be possible. Some things are necessary, essential, they represent starting point... but then... out if the blue everything can twist and surprise you. Even if the only moment you will ever feel free will probably be death, our memories will persist, will live in all those who will remain. So is not a protest against death, but mor a hymn for the eternal life!




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