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I would like to introduce about myself briefly my name is Dirk alias DJ SOUNDS and special one is there I from birth am hard of hearing and now would like to prove are able also as a DJ and producer such a thing also. Launch as I only occasionally now after ten years of my hobby with turntables do. Finally now I have quite deliberately first without great knowledge my music begin to produce with simple music software. After the while then noticed because it me something my production for the music software, what was missing. Decided I started then finally what music bought wider special software for General and began in 2010 to produce. I was then so enthusiastic what have developed some of the songs and gaped can be not bad like just so then I am too so highly motivated that never stopped producing and eventually a few songs on YouTube have uploaded and little arrived. I have produced more than 40 songs this year 2011 and I create so much until it was the style of music to my liking. I would like to prove again as a producer I am hard of hearing now step by step in to the songs and look whether I am now on track.

His experience as a DJ are essential for each track. It was clear, when to her first tracks appeared, to her hobby not only a hobby would be more, it became was to be become about one right job. And now my wish to develop this knowledge and experience to my production. Results may be someday somewhere of me which occurs set to LIVE to see.



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