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Crystin Fawn also known as Crystin is a female multi-media composer / lyricist / singer / music producer of acoustic & electronic tracks & atmospheres. Crystin Fawn - also known as Crystin - is a multi-media composer & producer, label owner, sound sculptor, singer & writer of acoustic & electronic music from Düsseldorf. Her musical spectrum ranges from pure solo-pieces - up to deep electronic music - to shiny pop songs and pure piano soundscapes. Parallel to her law studies she set up her own studio, built up a music production company & a label together with her partner. She releases solo & band albums, writes and produces music mainly for film & international stagings. She feels at home in very different styles of music and therefore releases music under different names and sometimes "hidden behind projects". In the past she received the renowned composition advancement award of her hometown Düsseldorf. Her compositions were part of several international films / theatre productions ("Hanami", "Robert Zimmermann wundert sich über die Liebe", "The Horla", "Behind the Curtain"...).
In 2018 Crystin Fawn has the huge joy and the honor of having produced the loungy Zusammen feat. Clueso (feat. Clueso) Sundowner-Remix of the hit single Zusammen feat. Clueso of Die Fantastischen Vier and of their essentially relevant song "Endzeitstimmung“ (So sieht’s aus - Remix). She also writes and produces music for theatre and soundtracks for cinema films, compilation tracks for Electric Lounge and Café del Mar.
Her atmospheric soundtrack / multi-media - projects "C42" and "ICO", her pure piano project "Absence Of Doubt" and several lounge-projects (Mila, Goldin, Martha Arnulf, Marlina, Meditation Piano, Shine Your Light, Silverveil, Tel Aviv...) carry her music into the world, too.

Last but not the least: She is the sister part of the acoustic twin band "the sea & the sun" and of the electro-duo "Hearhere".




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