Artist Info

Hello, my name is Christian!

I am a composer and multimedia technician with body and soul!

Every beginning is difficult! Getting here wasn't always easy. But I wouldn't want to change anything for the world. My willingness to learn and experience as a craftsman, service technician, PC specialist, sound engineer, multimedia technician, as a creative person, composer, photographer and much more have made me what I am today.


These two passions have been part of my life since I was 15 and are definitely my favorites from a technical point of view. I started to get involved with music and recording technology at a time when recording systems were still REALLY expensive and we dealt with things like analogue editing. Almost unimaginable today. A lot has happened since then – VERY MUCH. I play guitar and piano. The main focus was probably more and more on the recording technique. I never became a good musician that way. Sound engineer and composer yes - rumor has it ;-/ in circles of friends.

As an autodidact, I like to realize myself in most areas and attach great importance to quality, creativity and attention to detail. See also our detailed offer.





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