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Cataleya Fay is a vocalist, multiinstrumentalist and composer originally from Austria.
With her wonderful songs on piano, guitar and the Indian harmonium as well as off ering workshops, singing circles and seminars where it‘s all about voice, sounds and movement, she has been traveling
around Europe since 2012.

In her music she eff ortlessly spans a wide musical range from traditional folk to soul to the coasts of Ireland and from the wide hills of Scotland to melodies based on Indian ragas deep into the magic of medieval music.
All these elements are woven into songs, chants and poems of great intensity and beauty, to be heard on momentarly four albums and one maxisingle with her own lyrics and compositions.

She primarily writes in German and English about main topics that concern all of us such as integritiy, courage, love, freedom, inspiration, our society and Mother Nature. Sometimes during her concerts she creates her own language while improvising beyond beautiful, celebrating the magic of the moment and deeply touches the hearts of the audience in a very particular way. Time and again there happen wonderful collaborations with other lovely, creative souls.


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