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CK West, with civil name Uwe Uhlig. Born on 29.03.1961 in Lichtenstein (Germany), living in Hohenstein -Ernstthal, is a composer, pianist, music producer and DJ. After finishing high school, apprenticeship as an electrician. Piano lessons at the music school Glauchau from 1981 to 1983. (Classical) Studied at the Music Academy Karl Marx City (Chemnitz) / Robert Schumann Conservatory Zwickau (composition, arragement and music production) From 1981 to 1991 keyboardist in various bands. From 1984 own music productions. 1989 to 1990 film producer at Wismut. Keyboarder in several bands. 1991 Project: Deep Insight, from 1996 also on the road as a DJ. 1998-2000 producer for Mike Mareen. In 2000 foundation of the project Fire Of Eden. 2003 Award winner DJ Superstar of Germany 2004 Foundation of CK West Music (music production - own recording studio) From 2015 Own label: HOT Music, Dance Project: CK West & Co. Uwe Uhlig & Frank Weise, and former DSDS contestant Jasmin Weber (Jazzmin) cover version of Stimmen im Wind with Jazzmin. Newest project: CK West feat. Sassi K - Ein kleines bisschen Zärtlichkeit (2020) Sassi K (Saskia Kuhn who makes her debut here) Born 1986, from Gersdorf - Saxony. In December 2020 foundation of the project: CK West & Sassi K with the 1st common song "Belive" release 2021



Uwe Uhlig (CK West) Phone: +49 (0)3723 43318
Mobil: +49 (0) 1622734316


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