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Bigbaby Mlb
MTV was only a year old, and Michael Jackson released the unstoppable force known as Thriller. It was 1982 and the world was indulging in one of the best years music had ever seen. Meanwhile, in a remote area of Africa, Romeo Dumisani Kunene was making his debut. Born in Africa, Romeo would go onto become the DJ/Music Producer known today as Bigbaby Mlb. A DJ/Music Producer that takes the best and brightest from Afro Music, Dance, House, Hip-hop, Pop, and R&B and creates House music all his own.

Bigbaby Mlb knew from an early age that music was where he wanted to be but he didn't start to gain traction to that dream until 2011. That was the year he entered BPM Magazine's (today known as IDM Magazine) 3rd Annual Remixed Producer Competition in South Africa. His remix of Quentin Harris' "Paradise" landed him in the Top 10 out of over 20,000 entries at number seven. That gave him the push he needed to really start digging his heels in and going forward. The next year he spent two months on the BPM (IDM) DJ charts. Come 2015 he released "Colors."

A progressive house track that received an overwhelming international response. It wasn't the only hit for him that year. While "Colors" found its way on numerous compilations including Finest EDM Selection and The Power of EDM Vol. 2, his track with Tony Montana Jnr also made the rounds. "Inner Soul" was featured on notable compilations as well including Luxurious Sound Experience Vol 1 from Retrosive Records.

His success thus far has come from his tenacity and drive. Those aspects of Bigbaby Mlb are unmatched, but he also has a few other things up his sleeves. His talent manifests his fine art skills when he's producing and that comes across in every beat he drops. Ever since he was introduced to House music via House Afrika Deep House Sounds compilation mixed by Vinny Da Vinci, he was hooked. Since then he's taken that initial love and spun it into a career that has made him a constant performer in his part of the world around Pretoria.

With his singles out now and a steady pace of performances under his belt, Bigbaby Mlb is now focusing on expanding his reach with radio airplay, his own label (Audio Moving Entertainment), and licensing his music for TV and film.




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