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Antonio Megna aka " BIG EMME " was born in Cutro, Italy on 02/27/1995 . Since childhood is a lover of music and is a drummer . At the age of 12 years he began his adventure as a DJ , playing at private parties . But his career began in the organization " Gangster in Paradise " (The project Gangster in Paradise comes to life in Naples, in 2000 through a series of university parties. His organizers are Marco Diletto, DJ 's Danilo M and Walter Esposito ) . They've collaborated with artists such as Alex Neri, Pastaboys, Ralf, Terry Hunter and ItaloBros. Now plays in clubs like " @Club Tropicana 2.0 " " @ Sciuè " and " Kestè Live Music ". Recently he began his career as a Music Producer . Its first track is called " Dance Abah " . Co-founder of the label record " Atwist Records " with his great friend Lorenzo Olivo aka " Low - Reef "



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