Artist Info

With his unmistakable sound and captivating stage presence, Arne Steinberg has already built a strong fan base and is considered a fixture in the electronic music scene.

Arne Steinberg, based in Frankfurt am Main, is known for his unique blend of electronic music and cross-genre elements. His motto "Vinyl only" reflects his passion for music and shows his desire to create authentic sound experiences.

Arne Steinberg discovered his enthusiasm for electronic music at an early age and began mixing and playing records in his youth. Inspired by the vibrant electronic music scene in Frankfurt, he started his career in the city's hip clubs. As a resident at rUNTERKOMMEN in the U-Bar at U60311 and organizer of his own series of events, he quickly gained popularity and established himself as a permanent fixture.

Over the years, Arne Steinberg has expanded his reach in the Rhine-Main area and played at renowned festivals and clubs. His musicality and technical ability have helped him gain a wide following.

In addition to his DJ career, Arne Steinberg is also a sought-after music producer. He has released a number of tracks that impress with their versatility and innovation. His productions, which combine spherical, melodic elements with long bass lines and fuse influences from tech house and minimal techno with Latin house, have earned him a loyal fan base.

Music style: Arne Steinberg has developed a distinctive musical style that combines elements from TechHouse, Techno, Electro, Minimal and other genres. His sets are characterized by hypnotic rhythms, powerful bass lines and melodic hooks that captivate the audience and lure them to the dance floor. His ability to seamlessly mix different styles and his energetic performances have earned him acclaim from critics and fans alike.