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805 (Eight-O-Five) - Straight Rock from Hamburg -

Kids of all ages love them! Women come screaming to their concerts. Men wish they could be on stage standing next to them!

805 never really got used to the hysteria around them. But nevertheless these 5 Hamburg Boys kept their down to earth attitude. No destroyed hotel rooms and almost no drug stories.

Mean tongues claim to know that the members of 805 are old and only due to the help of botox and amphetamines it is merely possible to still look at them.
But if you have ever lived through one of their epic shows you know these guys guys still burn for what they do.
805 delivers - whether on their countless tours in and around Hamburg St. Pauli or in the recording studio in the Bahamas: lyrics that couldn't be more self-loving, sexist and shallow minded but also emotionally profound with revolutionary political statements. That is the signature these 5 use to whip their mainly self-composed masterpieces into the amphitheatres of the world!

But like with all great things in this world - too much of 805 makes you ill, poor and fat!

It is advised to not attend every show and to refrain a little from health treatening substances.

Enjoy !


tel: +49 40 - 41 49 71 61



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