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We are Ocean (Larys Frogier) & Wavz (Alfie Chua).

After multiple experiences working for art industry and corporate, we made the decisive choice to dedicate our full life, desire, passion and love to sound, image and poetry creations.

WAVZ was thus officially born in July 2020 and now evolves as an artistic production company for sound, image and text.

Originating from Asia, Europe and Pacific archipelagos, we like to transcend frontiers and to develop art projects based on desired combinations and references.

WAVZ is a creative ground for unique artworks, EDM, DJ sessions, public/private exhibitions and events.

WAVZ aims to develop as a unique creative platform that encompasses multi-level disciplines and voyages.

We do not limit ourselves and creations to any area, identity, category or genre.
Our creations just simply wish to form a unity between people and art.

At WAVZ, we explore different paradoxes to ensure unparalleled experiences.


Ocean & Wavz

Ocean & Wavz



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