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"Spread Fun Digital" is the in-house label of Funspreader and was launched in 2013. The publication of complete catalogs is done exclusively in digital form.
The label started out with the Funspreader album "10 Tracks", followed by the internationally successful single "Intoxication".
"Spread Fun Digital" also provides the optimum platform for German producers and DJs of contemporary electronic music. All the stars of the scene will find a new home here.
Being open towards trends beside the mainstream is part of our label philosophy as well. The guarantee for continual development. The spectrum ranges from house to dance and elaborately arranged trance tracks. Due to additional remix releases, the repertoire is interesting for the DJ scene as well.
All works, without exception, are characterized by high qualitative demands. The quality of the products is based on the collaboration with a professional recording studio. The sound is brilliant, clean and assertive. Thus there is an unmistakable identity. The focus is not on making money but rather on art and the joy of music. This is the success of the label.





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