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Music saved my life! That wonderful thing called music!
By making music it's possible freely express thoughts, feelings, emotions... music is a universal language, transcending boundaries and bonding people even thousands of miles apart. Music just comes to us like a flash of illumination, a glint of light, coming from a never ending river of feelings. Music is hope, music is peace, music is the answer... Let's celebrate together this form of art for all ages, for all cultures. Feel its energy flowing into your body and your soul, 'cause music keeps the vibes alive. The beauty of our passion is in music; it allows us to be in harmony with every aspect of our life. As Sri Chinmoy said: "music means self-expansion and oneness. The self expands through music. The self that expands is not the individual self but the unlimited self. Music is the expansion of unlimited reality. Soulful and spiritual music really helps us; it feeds our inner life... because music is the inner or universal language of God"... According to this message Keith Thompson wrote for me: "all God's children got rhythm, not just the black ones, or the tall ones, not just the white ones, or the shorts ones. not just the privileged few who think they're cooler than you. No, all God's children got rhythm, come find it!... find it in the touch of jazz, in the funk, in the soul, in the rhythm, in the house rhythm! Come on, let me take you there... It's like struttin down to swing street to check out Charlie Parker, Monk or Miles ...this modern underground got secret styles..."


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