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Lichtwanderer Verlag offers books, ebooks, audio books and other products from Saeed Habibzadeh.

Saeed is a poet, an author, a musician, a pianist, a composer, a painter, an astrologer and life consultant.

He reminds us that we are children of the divine light and pure beings from the kingdom of God. Over time, we have gradually become prisoners of our ego and this has prevented us from growing courageous, strong, healthy, wealthy and happy.
It has always been his dearest wish to see all of humanity happy, and so he developed his own ideas and thoughts, designed to help people. He would like his books, poetry, presentations, paintings and music to remind people of the light.

His nonfiction books and story books are published in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.


Saeed Habibzadeh

Saeed Habibzadeh




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