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My name is Holger Hoja.

I make my own music,I am arranger, producer and DJ

I use all MAGIX music maker products since 2001. I played guitar before, more quite as bad and it was not enough for more. I am more than delighted since the early of 1990s by electronic music. Since I wanted to produce has always been music, I came in 2001 at random on the MAGIX music maker. This was exactly what I missed to get started. Since then, have I add bought all products published annually. The last was the music maker 2013 premium, what made pretty much offers everything from scope and opportunities.Since 2011 I am working with a DJ controller: Reloop and mid-2013 with the traktor S 4 and the associated software by traktor per 2. In cooperation with these three elements I could improve Very much music, where the cornerstone music maker and Music Studio is created by MAGIX. These programs To give me the opportunity to put my musical ideas and are therefore the absolute cornerstone for all my music. Very helpful, also the video is program MAGIX video deluxe 17 premium, because nowadays not only the music but also the Visual elements for publications such as on YouTube are important.
In August 2012, I was able with the help of,
own nation establish my label Holger Hoja World.

Impressed often true in the 90 years in the Cyberhouse in Hannover and out of this music.
I make music since 2000, I use MAGIX music makerand have composed more than 320 songs at the time.Since 2011 I work controller from Reloop 3 ME, 2013 Traktor S 4 and with the program with a DJ TRAKTOR Pro 2
Alone on my premium channel where I since April 2011 here,.I have until August 2014 far over 5,900,000 calls by 38 video publications.


Dj Holger Hoja

Dj Holger Hoja


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