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EDM Cell Records, located in Hamburg, Germany, is an independent record label focusing on high-quality Electronic Dance Music (EDM), particularly Trance and Progressive House.

Established in 2017, EDM Cell Records seeks to find and sign up-and-coming EDM artists from around the globe. By finding the underground talent and improving their marketing and appeal to a broader music audience, we will be able to build a roster of artists with significant customer bases. This will translate into significant sales of music (CDs, MP3s), and other related products (e.g., merchandise), benefiting both the artists and the label as well as the distributors.

Having coordinated with the German-based producer "Cryostasis", Mohammad T. (Arya) Azad, more professionally known as "Freeman", conceived of "EDM Cell Records" after years of experience in producing EDM music and working with various artists and labels. He decided to establish a record label to present high-quality Trance and Progressive House tracks of his own and other talented EDM producers from around the world.

"EDM Cell Records" distributes via "feiyr" exclusively.









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