Label Info

Dropin Recordings is a new independent record label,started by series of events and founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, started in late 2017 ,by Ctrl+J
supported by Frank(Member of "Music Projects Mute Box", Walter & Lomax and Labelowner-Emun Music),and the owner of "Metafiziq Recordings"-Valeri Sholevski(Ogonek).
The young Bulgarian drum and bass producer has at least 11 years of experience in producing music ,as well as in the local party area.
In just a few years of DJing ,he has managed to gain popularity within the local audience and build a reputation with his non-standard,
oldschool sound and selection.
However,he hasn't released most of his author sounds and now he is revealing Dropin Recordings with the desire to finally share his multiple productions worldwide
and eventually,contribute to the Drum and Bass progress and continuity.
Focusing on the Drum and Bass music,the label will be releasing a quality content music with eye to detail and presenting the variety of this genre and would be
supporting and releasing other talented DJs and Producers from all over the world, as well.
Label Target audience would be all dnb headz out there, with attention to the proper rollers and love for the music.
Debut release will be free and will appear very soon, stay tuned.



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