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We produce audiobooks to relax. Fantasy, meditation and dream travel are our specialty. Let yourself fall by listening and dream a little. Life is beautiful!

Cubanty says:

I am a stuffed animal called Cubanty, and I want to be your friend. By listening to my stories, you can feel wonderfully cozy and sheltered. Together, we will experience magic dream voyages to calm down and fall asleep. For my bedtime stories, I use elements from autogenic training and other enjoyable relaxation techniques.
While listening to this adventure at the beach, my magic dream dust will again unfold its marvelously calming effect. At the end of the story, we will doze off lying on a cozy, fluffy cloud . which is swinging back and forth.
Come along on our journey to the dreamland. Sleeping is so wonderful!

Goodnight, Cubanty


Cubanty Kuscheltier

Cubanty Kuscheltier

Cubanty Cuddly

Cubanty Cuddly


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