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The Berlin label b.tonal is a DJ's pool with connected production company for electronic music. In the heart of the electronic-music-scene looks b.tonal as a Booking agency DJ's and
musician and provides the suitable artists and performers for live sets and DJ's sets, also in the compound. In addition, there are electronic own-label records, remixes and commissioned works for dance and club projects. Besides, the Sub label "Elektrofabrik" combines live musician and specially constructed DJ's sets to a new form of expression of electronic club music.Under the aegis from Berris Bokka the electric set with bass, saxophone, keyboards and singing melts to a sound of the spontaneous strength of the moment. The result are lounging performances completely grooving and full of musical depth, many-faceted integrated in the frame of the respective event.
Elektrofabrik gathers musician of varied genres, see box of "musicians" who play live with from two to nine musicians according to formation. "b.tonal" defines the new Berlin sound!
Btonal promotes artist and performer and creates to them a platform which should allow a perception in the bigger context to them.
The central aim is to publish music which reflects unmistakeable the character and the musical way of thinking from btonal. On this occasion, it is not about a specific genre on which the label would like to join. Rather the music should strongly be in the statement of the artist.



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