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BAC rec. ( BASEMENT ART CLUB RECORDS ) is a Hamburg based record label focusing on the exploitation of Electronic music in Germany.
Located in the heart of the Sternschanze, BAC rec. provides a platform for German sourced repertoire.
BAC rec. is an in­de­pend­ent non-traditional record label for the non-traditional artist; we strive to embrace the ever-changing dynamic of the music industry and discover fresh and innovative ways to connect music fans with new artists and reintroduce established artists.
2012 brings new releases from the likes of @Home Atom, Lunalanding, das Lotron, Janes Dschungle.
The Basement Art Club is a physical space for music to grow, rise and blossom. It is an accessible Club created to receive new people, projects and their influences. By continously searching and progressing, we are a part of the evolution.

We are all free people, free as our music, and we live for that reason.


Das Lotron

Das Lotron



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