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Zampone plays »Music For The Baby-Boom-Generation«, which means in Germany: born in the Sixties.
Zampone is Silvia Frink’s distinctive voice on Norbert Riemann’s compositions.
Both have long-time musical experience on stage and in studio, classical music education, and exceedingly wide-spread musical taste. That's why you find a lot of different musical styles, which are being brought together to a wonderful harmonious unity.

• Silvia Frink, born 1964:
Versatile singer and vocal teacher with classic musical education. Long-time experience in different bands, a-capella-ensembles and, of course, in studio productions.

• Norbert Riemann, born 1967:
Composer, arranger, songwriter, studio engineer, guitar- and bassplayer with long-time experience on stage and in the studio, beginning from playing the violin in the school orchestra up to band- and solo-productions.



Zampone is a 100% studio project. But neverteheless, Silvia Frink and Norbert Riemann sing and play in the Bossa Nova-Swing-and more-Ensemble Silla Nova.
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