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Veri Jumala is a musician who cares the most about authenticity in music. It does not matter to which genre something belongs. As long as you share true emotions and feelings and show what is rumbling inside. These feelings inspired him to learn to play the guitar and becoming a vocalist too at the age of 16. The hard work combined with intense passion motivated him to write own songs very early. As he grew older, the 25 year old German realised that music means everything to him. Inspired by heroes in literature and music, he started to open veiled doors with his art. These are meant to invite the listener to deep worlds full of emotions, identification, atmosphere and imagination. After Veri Jumala began to share videos and music (often covers) on the internet he reached a certain kind of fanbase. In 2016 he formed the german Dark Rock Band SORROWNIGHT. Since then he has gained a lot of experience there. For example on stage with artists such as Florian Grey, My Own Ghost, Megaherz, Décembre Noir or Lyriel. The impressions resulted in a further development. And now in 2018 the first official Solo-Album is here: Veiled in Velvet Skies combines all experiences and emotions and is like a book to his emotional world: Hopeful hopelessness!



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