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Tommy Boccuto started his career as a deejay in 1989 he has worked for 18 years in many places throughout Italy, reaching over a number of famous European clubs over the years, posing and experimenting with his sound home in underground sounds . With percussion touches that characterize his music selection by giving energy to every live set!
As a producer in May 2003, he collaborated with MBG (Boss Label 9 Records) with the single "The Guitar" published on 9 Label Records (promo 12 "), where he was a great success in previous years collaborations with the same MBG In many collections on the same label ..!
Love for Music in 2013 Tommy Boccuto founded his own Label B74 Records where he experimented and personalized his studio productions with modern sounds, engaging in energy and explosion in each song, collaborating with national and international artists. In March 2015 with his single The Sentinel released under his Label (B74 Records) he puts 49th place on ITunes in Brazil ..!
Today, Tommy Boccuto's sound is increasingly described as a combination of different types of music, a very personal style and rich in broad music considered the key to its success. Many of his productions are on numerous labels to name a few: Minimarket Recording, Nu Traxx Records, Overbeat Records, Jango Music, Disco Balls Records ... and other tracks in so many Italian and foreign compilations, in particular one of his tracks "Groovy Land "on Label Overbeat Records was played and supported by Bob Sinclar jumping on the Radio Parede Trend Ibiza ....!
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