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Thomas Herder musician and songwriter. What began with small songs on Soundcloud has become in a short time to a increasingly prominent throughout Germany project.
Almost 450,000 times his songs were heard on SoundCloud. The fan base on Facebook is increasing steadily.

Thomas Herder sings German. Times rocky, sometimes gently, and distinctively He tells of the life, love and also about people who otherwise remain unmentioned. His fans love his lyrics. They are honest, they are open and they are always optimistic.
Many compare him with Westerhagen or Lindenberg and others, .He is unique, just like the aforementioned.
His recently formed band is a colorful mixed bunch genuine thoroughbred musician with a long CV. They come from areas such as jazz rock blues and classical music, and yes they have sought and found.
So it was only a matter of a short time that, of course, in 2014 an album in Cologne was produced in the Renaissance Studios.
Liebesleben- " das liebe Leben ".

2015, appeared on his newly founded label 2911records his highly anticipated second album
"Tanz für mich ", which he completely grossed alone in his studio the Multi Music Food and produced.
It's fresh, it's natural, it's full of motion and yet soulful.
Lavishly produced and probably his masterpiece !!!!

Thomas Herder (songwriter, guitar, piano, vocals)
Pierre Ngoma (bassist)
Nina Creutziger (backing vocals)
Miriam Bähren (backing vocals)
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Booking by UN-Promotion Ulli Neidl/ Dortmund



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