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The Smiling Buddhas create aural travelogues in a musical range from ambient to techno.

The Smiling Buddhas float easily between Ambient, Illbient and morphed Techno structures. They create aural travelogues from their extensive travels to create a special world of music. After the spiritual insight into the hidden kingdom of Lo in Mustang, Nepal ("Lo", base 2008) the Buddhas traveled and hiked through the Atacama desert in Chile and Peru ("Atacama", base 2012). "The Alps" (base, 2013) is a retrospective view to their days of child- and boyhood in the Austrian Alps. "Latium" (base 2014) is their latest aural roadmovie telling bizarre stories from the beautiful region around Rome. 2015 they take you into the macrocosm of Bahia.

"Hun Fa-di" (synths, samples, electronics) and John Fitzpatrick (Sound, Electronics, Guitar) are aural storytellers. "We are poets who open up a space for lucid daydreams through sound. We love to travel openminded and when we get hit hard by our demon wanderlust we start telling epic stories not using words."

Live they create hudge sonic sculptures with slow and reduced visuals with videos from their travels. Sometimes of sheer beauty, sometimes disturbing but seldom fearful.

The Smiling Buddhas smile when they wisper in your ear: "Throw the tourist out of your luggage, start traveling."



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