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Life is full of contradictions. And what at first seems to be like expressive life poems in song format, turns out to be a loud and emotional full of music. With an impressive voice, The Endless Friends tells of the Mystical Worlds and Life, watching The Ending Friends themselves, is reflected in their counterpart, you sing of encounters of your life, of life pain, of injuries and anger about that experienced. But The Endless Friends, with their songs, not only delights the emotions of their soul, but also designs romantic counter-visions. Even if melancholic moods prevail in their repertoire, the compositions are not held in a minor way. If you listen carefully, you will discover a lot of humorous and courageous things in the arrangements, even the untroubled and the naughty that paves the way for you.

Even if the song transports the philosophy of life, The Ending Friends never loses sight of the music as the center of their performance. Steffen and Ingrid, who started playing the piano at the age of 6, began writing their own songs at the age of six, using a variety of elements from pop, rock, dance and folk music. They can only be guided by their feelings when composing and interpreting.
With The Endless Friends, the sweat drips from the ceiling - fueled by the energy that only a live band ignites. Original choreographies, thrilling animations and fresh arrangements bring the right spice and electrify every audience.
The Endless Friends is a party giant. In over 22 years of band history the live band The Endless Friends as a very experienced live band and party band has always been able to meet the wishes of the audience and to have a party with the best and most up-to-date live music. Not only in the region plays The Endless Friends as a cover band and show band, but generally everywhere, where a good mood is to be celebrated. The repertoire includes over 300 songs of rock, pop, dance and dance standards. The Endless Friends is musically flexible and can adapt the partymusics of any situation - professionally and with a lot of good humor. Whether it is a trade fair event, gala, anniversary, company celebration or private celebrations such as birthdays or weddings, Light and sound system is available on request. We play on private events, major events, town festivals, open air events, trade fair celebrations, etc.



Since its inception, the duo that is busy music in the field of pop and dance music new works to game and publish.


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