Artist Info

Talel , his real name , is a tunisian DJ / Producer based in Biarritz ( France ) . Signed to Koojina Records ( TN ) , Disco Balls Records ( Miami , USA ) and many other big labels coming soon . Lately , his producing skills attract more and more label owners and producers to sign his releases and remixes . His story began when he was attracted by Dj-ing and music universe . Rnb & Hip Hop dj in the beginning of his career , he started to improve his skills by making remixes and then step by step making instrumentals for some rap bands , untill he fell in love with electronic music . Armed by his computer and his DAW , he started making his own tracks and worked on improving his level to make it better and better . In 2014 , after a long years of improvements and hard work , he decided to sign his tracks and make them officially public . Later , he decided to make another step forward by creating his own label called " Unighted Music " wich will be a bridge between Talel and his fans , and helping other talented dj's and producers to make their music released and listened by largest communities and try to make them more creative and ambitious




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