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The Future ( 2007 - .... ):

The best ones die young - rank nonsense! Only the best ones stay alive - and keep rediscovering themselves over and over again. 19 years after their first single "The Right Time", Achim Jaspert and Andy Cay still work together in best harmony. Young keyboarder Henry Flex, who recently joined the band, supports the electropop-pioneers with innovative and modern melodies. On their new album "In London" the three musicians capture the different moods of this pulsating music metropole. In a perfect way the music describes a bustling day at the Picadilly Circus as well as a walk through the Hyde Park on a rainy sunday morning. Beautiful and intense guitar riffs add to complex and melodic electro-pop arrangements.

The present ( 1995 - 2006 ):

After the first successes Andy and Achim attended to the aid of new talents. They took on the songwriting and composing for young artists and international interpreters. Their work got very successful (over 5 mio. gold albums, some platin-albums). Achim Jaspert: "We've learned to center contents and feelings." At the millennium they got back to their musical roots. The experiences and new inspirations of the last years led to a reunion of the band, which was never broken. With the remix of "Voices" they started a new musical cycle in the beginning of 2000. In the new, so far not published tracks you can recognize adventures of many club-tours in London and New York. Split Mirrors are going to produce the LP, that is long expected by their multinational fans, as well as cooperations with English and German Club-DJs. "The mutual influence of songstructures of the pop-music and of the current dance-music with patternbasics is enormous", says Andy Cay.

The past ( 1985 - 1990 ):

1985 the singer Andy Cay and the drummer Achim Jaspert met in a rehearsal room in Münster accidentally. Because of mutual sympathy they both decided to found a band: Split Mirrors were born. This band combines Jasper's experiences of his percussion-study in India and Cay's past life as a singer in the USA. Influenced by their friends Alphaville from Münster and by the melancholic song of the Pet Shop Boys they started their creative work. After short time many gigs in the inland and also abroad followed, some maxis and and the album "1999" were produced. The debut-single "The Right Time" became a hit of the New-Pop-wave at the end of the 80s.



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